Leveraging Physiotherapy to Recover After a Sports Injury

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Recovering From a Sports Injury

A sports injury can cause more than just pain. If it isn’t properly treated it can affect your game, impact your mobility, affect your mental health and reduce your overall quality of life. Even a relatively minor injury can snowball into something worse if it isn’t treated properly.

Physiotherapy can get you back in the game and help you prevent future injuries. A good physiotherapist is an integral part of any athletes team, alongside your coach and your primary physician.

Physiotherapy is so much more than just guided stretches. Your physiotherapist will use targeted exercises, massage therapy and other disciplines to help you not only return to your pre-injury level of performance but also help you improve your fitness overall.

First Steps

The first step is to sit down with your physiotherapist and get an accurate diagnosis. During this phase your physiotherapist will perform a full physical examination, taking into account any relevant doctor’s references or medical records. They will also assess your injury and test your range of motion, flexibility, reflexes and more. Our goal is to reduce the time it takes for your injury to heal, help you manage any pain you are experiencing and help you avoid surgery or other invasive treatments.

Personalized Recovery Plan

Once we know exactly what is going on we will put together a personalized recovery plan for you. This could include physiotherapy, home and gym based exercise programs, massage therapy, acupuncture, hands-on therapy, Kinesio taping and other treatments depending on the location and extent of your injury. During your treatment we will stimulate your muscles and improve circulation to your muscles, allowing them to take in more nutrients.

Reduce Pain and Promote Healing

Once we have established your personalized plan our first step is to work with you to reduce pain and promote healing. Once the initial pain and swelling from your injury have subsided we will start on your reconditioning treatment. This will include addressing specific goals such as joint positioning, flexibility training, balance coordination and mobility. As treatment progresses you and your trainer can also begin rebuilding any strength you have lost.

A Holistic Approach to Health and Wellness

During your treatment, your physiotherapist will not just focus on your injury, but will also look at your body as a whole. Your body is a cohesive machine where each part is interconnected. This holistic approach will not only help you heal faster, it can also help you prevent future injuries.

If you have experienced a sports injury, Beacon Hill Physiotherapy can help. We are open six days a week for your convenience, and also offer urgent assistance appointments. To book your appointment you can contact us on our website or call (403) 516-2229

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